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Fair Planet: Freeing African Farmers from Poverty

Fair Planet

With a unique, proven impact, in six years we've freed half a million people in Ethiopia from the prison of poverty.

We achieved this by finding high quality tomato, pepper, onion & cabbage varieties best suited to local conditions, and teaching smallholder farmers the basics of modern farming.

With up to 500% higher yields with better quality, subsistence farmers reach sustainable economic growth, leading to improved nutrition & health, empowering women, and ensuring over 90% of children are sent to school. 

Now, with your help, we're ready to free millions more in Ethiopia and Tanzania as we start the next transformation: using the same proven method to also include potato production – one of the world’s 4 most important food sources.



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Three Steps to Proven Impact

Fair Planet Creates Long-Term, Sustainable Improvement*

Economic & Food Security

 Nutrition & Health

Women’s Empowerment

Children’s Education

*Independent Survey conducted by Tecnoserve Ethiopia in 2019, one year after Fair Planet ended its first project.

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