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Farmers Stories

During 5 years, we trained over 2,360 lead farmers in 65 villages in Ethiopia. These farmers received weekly trainings, in their own fields, throughout one production season. Using high-quality seeds and better farming practices increased lead farmers’ vegetable yields and income dramatically. We also trained 150 development agents from the Ministry of Agriculture, who continue the training independently.  

An external survey found that more than 75,000 neighboring farmers, who witnessed the benefits of using high-quality seeds and better crop management, adopted these practice. Their average yield was 3.1-fold compared to national average and their farming income increased 5-fold, due to improved harvest quality and better market price. The survey also found that their family members, together more than 485,0000 people, benefit from improved nutrition and sustainable economic growth.

At the end of the training season, the farmers shared their feelings and thoughts with us:

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