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Urgent Call To Bring Shoshan Haran Home From Captivity In Gaza

​Our dear friend and family member, Dr. Shoshan Haran, founder of the internationally acclaimed NGO Fair Planet, is presumed captive in Gaza along with 6 other family members, including her children and grandchildren. Their lives are in danger. We are now raising funds to enable urgent activities in the effort to release hostages.

Shoshan was born and raised in Kibbutz Be’eri near Gaza, one of Israel’s most successful and
iconic kibbutzim. Many of its members are social and peace activists. On October 7th,
a massacre took place in the kibbutz. Hamas militants stormed the kibbutz, and set out on
a door-to-door ruthless slaughter, murdering, kidnapping, looting, and burning homes.
They left behind a devastation of unimaginable scale.

Shoshan’s extended family had gathered at her home for the Sukkot holiday. Initially, ten
family members were presumed missing after the massacre. We now know that Shoshan’s
husband, sister and brother-in-law were murdered. While 7 other family members,
including Shoshan, her daughter Adi, her husband Tal and their two children - Yahel
aged 3 and Naveh aged 8, as well as Shoshan’s sister-in-law, Sharon, and her daughter,
Noam, aged 12, were abducted. The terrorists destroyed the home with explosives

Shoshan, an agronomist and agricultural expert, has dedicated her life to helping African
farmers - the backbone of Africa’s food security and economy – escape a cycle of poverty,
hunger and malnutrition. Tens of thousands of farmers can now earn a good living. They
provide an estimated million of Africans with a reliable source of food, thanks to Fair Planet.
The project has been steadily expanding in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

The Bring Shoshan Home Campaign is raising funds for urgent activities:

  • Lobby foreign diplomats, including targeted diplomatic outreach with Germany, due to the German citizenship of Shoshan, her daughter and grandchildren.

  • Conduct legal activities in Israel and abroad.

  • Cover travel expenses of staff and family members for missions abroad.

  • Assemble a professional team of media, strategy and PR professionals and hire a PR agency in Germany to promote media outreach and public campaigns internationally.

  • Rehabilitate the family in Israel, who have lost their loved ones, and homes, and who are working around the clock to bring the hostages back home.

Please help us free Shoshan and her family from captivity in Gaza by donating

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